How big a greenhouse do I need?
You can start with a small greenhouse and grow to a large one, but most serious growers build a 30’x48′ or a 30’x96′ like the Greenhouse picture here. It is the cheapest one to build that I am aware of and can be built for under $1400.00. Plans are in the book along with many other types and designs.

What type greenhouse is best?
There is no best greenhouse, your preference should determine the style and quality you should buy. Can you afford a real nice $10,000. or $15,000, or do you want to start with the smallest investment possible? Starting small is a most successful and smart way.

How much can I make?
On a 30’x96′ greenhouse, one can make from $20,000.00 to 75,000.00 yearly—$10,000.00 on a 30’x48′—$5,000.00 on a 15’x24′. Of course more can be made, this is a average.

Why is a double poly roof the best?
Two layers, with a foot of air. make a tight, inexpensive roof and saves 50% in heating cost.

How hard is it to become successful in the greenhouse business?
Real easy if you like gardening, if not don’t think about it. I think its the best business in the world with a true connection to all life.

What do I grow?
There are several different plants to grow, many are easy (start with these). Some take a little more time, but are fun to watch and grow. They sure are worth the time.

How much does it cost to grow one plant?
Depending on the plant, it might cost, more or less, an average of around .25 to grow a 6″ pot from seeds for a couple of months — a little more, .30 to .50 if using a cutting. These would sell, when grown, for $2.00 to 5.00 wholesale. 4″ pot cost about .15

Can I build a greenhouse suitable for commercial growing?
Sure can, a greenhouse plan in the book is the cheapest and easiest that I could build ( I drew these plans), and it has performed perfectly. It has curtains that can be raised and lowered for ventilation and heating.

Do you offer any help?
Yes, I will be glad to help locate buyers, find supplies, pick a greenhouse or give advise, just write, call or email me.

How do I find a buyer?
This is the easiest part. I show you how to get a buyer for all you can grow. Just make a few calls or send out a flyer; buyers can’t get enough well grown plants of any kind!

Organic Fungicides

Bonide® Garden Dust

Organic insecticide / fungicide dust. A specially formulated, completly organic, general purpose product designed for convenient use as a dust or spray on vegetables, fruit and flowers. Green in color, to blend with foliage. Contains pyrethrins, rotenone and cube resins for insect control and copper and sulfur for disease and fungal control. 1 lb. duster canister.
Safer® Garden Fungicide
Sulfur is toxic to cellular proteins of fungal pathogens, which inhibits the attack of healthy plants by fungus disease by creating an environment that is not conducive to disease growth. Controls powdery mildew, black spot, leaf spot and rust on fruits, vegetables, flowers and foliage. Helps control mites, thrips and chiggers. Also controls fungus and excess algae growth on rockwool. Contains dilute sulfur formula. Available in new, larger 32 ounce ready-to-use size. 16 ounce concentrate makes up to 4 gallons of ready-to-use product. (32 oz. $8.95) (16 oz. Concentrate $12.95)

Lime Sulphur Concentrate
A combination fungicide, insecticide and miticide used to control diseases such as black spot and brown canker on roses, anthracnose, leaf blotch, nectria canker and powdery mildew on deciduous hedge plants, shade trees and shrubs. Controls powdery mildew, rust and red spider mites on roses, tuberous begonias, columbine, crepe myrtle, dahlia, delphinium, euronymus, lilac, marigold, sweet peas and zinnias. Also can be used on apples, blackberries, cherries, citrus, grapes, peaches, pears, plums and nectarines for other diseases and insects. 16 ounce liquid concentrate makes up to 50 gallons of useable product. (16 oz. Concentrate Order $5.95)

Liquid Copper Fungicide
Controls diseases on a wide range of vegetables, fruits, and berries, ornamentals, shrubs, flowers and trees. Also controls blights, leafspot, powdery mildew, azalea dieback, pyracantha, fire blight and scab, pine and juniper needle blight, cedar apple rust and anthracnose. Contains dilute copper formula. (16 oz. Concentrate $12.95)

Dragon® Bordeaux Mix

Helps prevent and control fungus diseases on flowers, shrubs, evergreens, small fruits, and fruit and shade trees. Controls diseases such as leaf spot, blight, anthracnose, canker, black rot, bitter rot, scab, mildew and others. Use 8-9 Tbs. per gallon of water. Contains 12.75% metallic copper. (16 oz. Concentrate $9.95)

Prices and availability subject to change without notice.